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New Construction -- Comprehensive Search of ALL New Builder Current Inventory

Are you looking for a brand new home? We have a complete database of all the new homes for sale in the Las Vegas Valley online for your convenience, including floor plans and architectural options.  

Read More about buying new construction or alternatively you can search the complete new home inventory below.


Searching for New Homes

You've decided that you want to look at new home subdivisions around Las Vegas. So you grab the Sunday paper with its handy reference map, jump into your car and start driving around the city looking at the different communities, right? WRONG!

Going into a new home development without your own agent is a common mistake that could cost you thousands of dollarsand a lot of peace of mind. Unless you are a contractor, it is unlikely that you will know the builders and their quality like an experienced new home specialist. New home or resale, you should always have your own Las Vegas real estate agent representing you, and it costs you NOTHING. But you must take your own agent with you on your first visit into the sales office.

New Home Buyer Representation

There are lots of reasons why you want your own agent when buying a new home including:

  • Quality: Not only does an experienced agent see those beautiful professionally decorated models, we know whose workmanship lasts through time.
  • Cooperation: An experienced agent knows which builders are the most cooperative when it comes to making changes on your new home. 
  • Customer service: An experienced agent knows which builders offer the best customer service if there is a problem. Even new construction can have minor defects which will remain undiscovered until you've lived in the home a while. A builder who comes in and makes these corrections promptly is priceless.
  • Buyer incentives: The Las Vegas builders actually advertise to real estate agents because they want us to show you their inventory. But if you come into the development by yourself, they have no need to offer you an incentive. And the tract agents work for the builder. They won't mention any special promotions if they don't have to.
  • Contracts: A professional agent can review all contracts before you sign them and make sure there are no "red flags" in them. 
  • Financing: Quite often builders will offer an incentive of $500 to $5,000 if you use their in-house Las Vegas mortgage lender. Depending on the interest rate charged and other fees put into the loan, this may or may not be lower than what you may find elsewhere.
  • Lot selection: Location is crucial and we know how to pick the best lots.
  • Professional home inspectors: Experienced agents have a list of certified Las Vegas home inspectors to check out the structure before you close escrow, and we will be there to do your final walk-through with the builder. We know what is acceptable workmanship and what is not.
  • Time: We have a complete database of every builder in Las Vegas and their floor plans. We can eliminate unwanted features without driving all over the valley.

And you get all this help for FREE. The builder, by law, cannot sell the home any cheaper to you if you come in without your own agent.  But if you do, the tract may refuse to allow you to bring back your own agent later. So resist the impulse to "shop" without us. We're there to help you and we can save you money.

Schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Las Vegas real estate new homes specialists to see some of the great new homes for sale in Las Vegas. Just call us at 702-985-7654, or fill out our simple online contact form below. We look forward to helping you find the perfect property!

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